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Is it natural or synthetic?

Since the dawn of man, gems have been prized for their amazing beauty and rarity. It is precisely that rarity that makes them so valuable.Unlike mass-produced commodities, diamonds and other rare gems are not always affordable in the size, quantity or quality admirers might desire. So there has always been a market for imitations and substitutes. Rarity – the hallmark of genuine gemstones Over the centuries, glass and inexpensive minerals have served as natural substitutes for gemstones. For example, a more common red mineral may fill the bill for a red stone when ruby is out of the price range. Quartz crystals masquerade as sparkling diamonds in accessories and apparel.As … Continue reading

Knowing Diamond Shapes

The Many Shapes of Diamonds Hear the word “diamond” and the first image that comes to mind is likely a classic round sparkly gem. No surprise, considering that 75% of all diamonds sold today, particularly engagement rings, are the round brilliant cut. Because a round diamond is symmetrical, it reflects nearly all light that enters it, making it the most brilliant of all diamond shapes. However, if your tastes lean to the less traditional, you can also choose from a wide selection of attractive diamond shapes on the market today. These are collectively known as fancy cuts. Fancy shapes are cut to different proportions, so they filter light differently. Here … Continue reading


Most valuable colored stones – Spinel and garnet Spinel and garnet Spinel loose stone image by Nomad’s Co., Burmese red spinel by gemwow Garnet loose stone image provided by ICA Pink Spinel from Ipango, Tanzania 1.80 ct Trillium Trilliant Design by Peter Torraca Faceted by Peter Torraca Connoisseurs prize these sleeper gems Although not widely known by consumers, demantoid garnet (from Russia, especially) is much sought after for its ethereal “horsetail” inclusions, internal features made of fine, hair-like strands of asbestos. Equally sidelined, perhaps in part due to its rather anatomical-sounding name, spinel is a hit with gem experts, not only for its color and hardness, but also for its … Continue reading

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